Block fake leads and fraud sign-ups. Our cloud API identifies phishers, bots, spammers, and fraudsters so you can filter out the junk. The service also tracks which campaigns and lead sources deliver the most qualified prospects, so companies can maximize their lead generation investments. Use for:

Lead Vetting and Scoring
Real leads are gold. Invalid or fraud leads are impossible to reach and often a waste of time. Why not use our pre-built tests to check for issues with emails, locations, IPs, phones, domains, etc. before investing marketing resources and sales efforts?

Stop Bogus Sign-ups
Free trials and registrations are a great way to attract new users into your online community. But many are fake. Some are trying to use your platform for phishing, sending out spam, identity theft, and fraud. E-HAWK can automatically filter out many bad actors, so you can focus your time taking care of your good clients and building your business.

Marketing Performance Tracking
Real-time performance results for marketing campaigns and lead sources. Track which campaigns and lead sources deliver the most qualified prospects. Stop buying leads from poor performers, and improve click through results.

Fight Account Takeovers
E-HAWK monitors login activity for suspicious behavior such as IP movement velocity, changes in IP, email, and device fingerprint risks. In addition, our community data will tag users who have been terminated by other online services, blacklisted, or have a compromised device.